Sunday, July 5, 2009

h o l y b a l l s

holy balls.
fourth of july downtown was a fucking madhouse.
a woman got thrown into the windows at work and broke the window.
at least 5 people were shot.
5 people were shot less than 2 blocks from where i was working.
there is now caution tape around where i work.
i made $200, and didn't get robbed.
i am happily tipsy and squeaky clean.
night kids.
holy balls.
oh, and the rain sounds absolutely lovely <3
and i get my scooter at 3:00 monday. :D
oh, and roomie, i sold your bottle of Jack and made you a $5 profit. hope that's ok.
end transmission.
your saying to yourselves, hey, this wasn't crafty, wtf is it doing here on 365 craft?
piss off.
<3 e

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